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• Repair at Your Site
• Refurbish or Upgrade in Our Shop
• Parts for Your Beverage Dispenser
• Clean & Sanitize Your Ice Makers
• Preventive Maintenance & Warranty Programs


BevRep repair technician at work

Maintaining dispenser filters is critical to avoid downtime and inspection failures.


When you need help with:

  Ice Makers & Frozen Beverage Dispensers

Ice makers and frozen beverage dispensers not only risk operational breakdowns, they must also pass safety inspections. Regular sterilizing and cleaning is required to keep filters, tubes, and delivery mechanisms safe for use and guaranteed to pass inspections.

BevRep can maintain every make, model, and size of ice maker. Our preventive maintenance program assures that your ice makers have clean, functional filters, and checks water and ice delivery mechanisms to keep your ice makers operational and safe.

BevRep Offers Every Dispenser & Ice Maker Service You Need

  Repair at Your Site

When your beverage dispenser or ice maker breaks down, call BevRep’s 24/7 call center to promptly dispatch our technicians to your location. Our vans are GPS-equipped and technicians arrive with the parts and experience required to get your equipment fully operational.

  Upgrade & Refurbish in Our Shop

Frequently, older model beverage dispensers can be refurbished and upgraded for no more than half the cost of a new dispenser. BevRep’s Tucker shop is designed to perform significant upgrade and refurbish tasks.

Our extensive inventories of parts and refurbished dispensers can save you money over purchasing new equipment.

  Preventive and Warranty Maintenance Programs

Affordable and effective preventive maintenance programs assure that technicians routinely check and maintain your beverage dispensers and ice makers to assure that they are operational and safe. Preventive maintenance keeps equipment available to customers and guests. BevRep can also perform many manufacturer warranty services. Call us for details!

Avoid downtime, lost revenue, customer dissatisfaction, and safety inspection issues—start a BevRep preventive maintenance program for all of your dispensers and ice makers today.

BevRep Has Satisfied Customers for Decades

BevRep services virtually every beverage dispenser, including Bunn, Curtis and many more. We can service your dispensers at your site, minimizing downtime. Our fleet of GPS-equipped service vans with experienced, factory-trained technicians are on the road every day, with 24/7 call center support. We can upgrade or refurbish your dispensers in our shop. And we can perform warranty maintenance and set up preventive maintenance programs to minimize downtime.